RED-Alert's™ Extreme Weather Resistant,
Indoor/Outdoor Lock Series
RED-Alert's™ Small Shackle Diameter & Long Shackle, Indoor Lock Series
RED-Alert's™ GIANT LOCKS, Long & Wide, Heavy Duty
Indoor/Outdoor Lock Series
RED-Alert's™ Specialty Locks for Bicycles & Motorcycles 
RED-Alert's™ Cable Locks & Chain Series
Especially made to operate in extreme cold and hot temperatures.                   Ideal for outdoor gates, trailers & hitches, storage units, containers, warehouses, machinery, camping & fishing gear, boats and MORE!  Click Here for Details...
Specialized due port and body design amplifies the 110 decibel siren to 120dB.     Ideal for noisy areas such as factories, warehouses and construction sites.
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The 028 Small Shackle Series is design with a 0.30" (7.5mm) diameter verses a standard shackle with a diameter of 0.39" (10mm).  The 030 Long Shackle Series provides a bigger clearance.  Both series also designed with a streamline body ideal for areas with a tight fit.  These locks are idea for latches on gates, storage units, warehouse machinery & equipment, tool boxes & tools, product display cases, laptop cases, luggage, handbags & MORE! Click Here for Details...
Measuring at 8.15" (207mm) L x 6.34" (161mm) W (WIDE Model) and 13.54 (344mm) L x 5.35" (136mm) W (LONG Model), these Heavy Duty, GIANT LOCKS are ideal for Industrial & Commercial uses such as; over seas shipping containers, portable storage units, semi & work trucks, warehouses, construction sites & gates, farms & stables, marinas & MORE!  Click Here for Details...
The 024 Series Bicycle Lock is especially designed for bicycles with 2 installation options.  The 025 Series Motorcycle Disc Lock is especially designed to fit on the disc of a motorcycle or scooter. Click Here for Details...
The Cable Alarm Locks are available with either #12 & #20 and 3 different lengths.  The #8 Chain is use with either locks or disc lock and is available in 3 different lengths.  Both Cables and Chains are ideal for a multitude of applications such as gates, doors, bicycles, motorcycles & MORE!  Click Here for Details...

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RED-Alert's™ dB Amplifier, Indoor/Outdoor Lock 
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